After selling a rare Pokemon card, Well known Blake Martinez retires from the NFL.

Blake Martinez - Pokemon card

Blake Martinez

Since entering the league in 2016, Blake Martinez has played for the New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, and Las Vegas Raiders. Although he has played in all seven seasons, he has spent time on NFL practice squads and has been a fringe roster player. Although he performed well in his most recent game, athletes of this caliber sometimes don’t have a long career. He quit his playing career at age 28 and in the middle of the season to concentrate on his family and his business of collecting and flipping rare Pokemon cards, rather than having NFL front offices make that decision for him.

Gem Mint 9.5-rated Pokemon Illustrator card

sold by Martinez for $672,000. If the Raiders had kept him for the rest of the season, he would have earned more than twice as much money. He owns a business called Blakes Breaks that is dedicated to buying expensive cards and selling them for a profit. A few days after the card was sold at auction, he made his NFL retirement official.

In the same league as Charizard cards like the ones that Logan Paul owns, the Pokemon Illustrator card is one of the pinnacle cards for collectors. A promotional card known as the Pokemon Illustrator was only given out to contest winners in Japan in January 1998. 40 of these cards are thought to still be in existence.

The market for Pokemon cards has altered recently, and some enthusiasts are turning opening and reselling Pokemon trading cards into a successful business. Rare cards have been sold for thousands of dollars, and the chance to make quick money has led some individuals to conduct crimes in an effort to obtain Pokemon cards.

In recent years, NFL players have also retired more frequently. More players are electing to hang up their cleats while still in their 20s after earning acceptable money due to the unfavourable headlines surrounding brain injuries and other injuries that damage former players’ quality of life after their playing careers. Martinez may have discovered one of the most lucrative businesses to start after football, even if most people do find professions after the sport.

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