Ayutthaya- The Lost Ayodhya of Thailand

Ayutthaya- The Lost Ayodhya of Thailand

Ayutthaya is named after the city Ayodhya which is located in India by the king Ramathibodi (king U-thong) of Thailand. Ayodhya is also known as the birth place of Shri Ram. Though Thailand is full of Buddhist, the impact of the Ramayana is cleary seen here as it is in India, perhaps even more. Ayutthaya’s official name is Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya (Royal Person’s City) and it is a former capital of Thailand.

Ayutthaya is now an archaeological ruin, specifying by the remains of tall towers, broken statues and Buddhist monasteries. Which itself gives an idea about how beautiful this site might be in past and as I am a filmy kid all I felt was Like I am on the set of Suryavanshi (Salman Khan and Amrita singh’s movie) and it was built to escape from smallpox outbreak in Lop buri. Ayutthaya is located on an island surrounded by the three rivers Chao Phraya, Lop Buri and Pa Sak. Rivers connecting city to the sea. Ayutthaya is easily linked by road, rail, and river with Bangkok.

Thailand is mostly known for Shopping, beaches and Partying but Thailand is much more than that, It is also known for its high Culture and history. In Bangkok, Pattaya, Krabi and Phuket, the southern part of Thailand, every 4th person you see is an Indian but In Ayutthaya and North Thailand except our group we have not seen a single Indian and infact my friends who have been to Thailand, been there for years, they have also never been to Ayutthaya, which is only 80 km away from Bangkok. Ayutthaya is definitely a destination skipped by most of the Indians.

You guys don’t know what you are missing and what you are skipping, this place is so beautiful, I felt very eased and light at this place, it was so peaceful, I can’t even describe it How amazing this place was. So please don’t do the #destinationskip.

for more information please visit: https://bangkok.unesco.org/content/ayutthaya-historical-park

Keep Traveling, Be happy & Safe.

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